The RSMBoard is a platform for small network devices

  • protects your infrastructure
  • reduces downtime
  • increases stability

It is the quickest and easiest way to do a secure, clean, professional network install

The RSMBoard helps you go

from this


to this


The RSM Board is a platform that protects your network infrastructure by:

  • providing a secure, quick and easy mounting platform
  • cable management and strain relief capabilities
  • power cord retention

The RSMBoard will come with everything you need to do a clean profession install:

  • mounting hardware
  • velcro cable ties
  • and, of course, the RSMBoard itself

The RSM Board provides the same structure and protection for small network devices as a rack does for large network devices.


A secure mounting platform

The RSMBoard's innovative method of using double-ended brass standoffs and standard M3 screws to mount network gear keeps your work in view at all times

cable management
Cable management

Good cable management is what separates a professional job from the rest. We've all seen cabling disasters out in the field. The RSM Board features cable tie slots that you can use to tie up your cables and provide strain relief to prevent damage from twisting or tugging.

Power cord retention

A retention tree has been included in the design to help prevent accidental disconnects. Just wrap the power cable and secure with a cable tie using the conveniently-located cable tie slots.

power cord retention
Complete flexibility

The RSM Board is designed to accommodate a wide variety of equipment. It features a 218mm mounting slot and a design that avoids protruding into the space occupied by your gear. The RSM Board does not depend on the size or shape of your kit. If it has a flat face with mounting slots 218mm apart (or less), the RSM Board can handle it!.


Outside dimensions (l x w) 250mm x 254mm

Depth: 18mm

Mounting slot length: 220mm

Mounting hole spacing: 220mm x 224mm

Material: ABS plastic

Integrated cable tie slots: 5

Power cord retention

Demo image

Demo image

Pre-order now!

The RSMBoard project in the pre-production phase, but we are gearing up and will start cranking them out soon! Get your pre-order in now to get in on the first batch. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, please send them in - I would love to hear from you!

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